Cheshire Hunt Conservancy


 DixonPaddyThe Cheshire Board of Directors is pleased to announce it has appointed new Masters – Mr. Louis Neilson III and Mr. W.B. Dixon Stroud, Jr. - to join the team of Sanna Neilson and Anne Moran for the 2018 – 2019 season.

Both Paddy and Dixon have hunted with Cheshire since they were very young, have great passion for the sport and love of the Hunt, its country and its community. Paddy rode and trained timber horses his whole life and has been a Cheshire Whipper-in for years. Dixon also rode races, as well as founding and running the Landhope Farm Stores and Willowdale Races.
Fun Fact: While, of course not a requirement, all four of our Masters have won the famed Maryland Hunt Cup.

All the best,

Prue Osborn
Cheshire Board President

Contact Information

Cheshire Hunt Conservancy
Post Office Box 528
Unionville PA 19375-0528

Secretary: 610-347-1918
Hunt Information Line: 610-347-2308


CHC Board of Directors

  • Master: Anne K. Moran, MFH
  • Master: Sanna Pell Neilson, MFH
  • Master: Louis Neilson, III, MFH
  • Master: W.B. Dixon Stroud, Jr., MFH
  • Chmn Emeritus: John B. Hannum, Jr., Esquire
  •  President: Prue D. Osborn
  • Treasurer: Douglas Howe
  • Jennifer Jones Arms
  • Richard Buchanan
  • Ann Dyer
  • Judy Jefferis
  • Annie Jones
  • Boyd Martin
  • Karen Nader
  • Cassie Plumb
  • Missy Shaffer
  • Dixon Stroud

CHC Staff

  • Huntsman: Ivan Dowling
  • First Whip: Mary Taylor Miller
  • Groom/grounds: Michael Beeson
  • Barn Manager: Remy Winants
  • CHC Secretary: Ellie Glaccum