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Contact Information

Cheshire Hunt Conservancy
Post Office Box 528
Unionville PA 19375-0528

Secretary: 610-347-1918
Hunt Information Line: 610-347-2308


CHC Board of Directors

  • Master: Anne K. Moran, MFH
  • Master: Sanna Pell Neilson, MFH
  • Chmn Emeritus: John B. Hannum, Jr., Esquire
  • President: Samuel Slater
  • Treasurer: Douglas Howe
  • Secretary: Prue Osborn
  • Jennifer Jones Arms
  • Richard Buchanan
  • Don Cochran
  • Ann Dyer
  • Annie Jones
  • Boyd Martin
  • Karen Nader
  • Cassie Plumb
  • Missy Shaffer
  • Dixon Stroud

CHC Staff

  • Huntsman: Barry Magner
  • First Whip: Mary Taylor Miller
  • Honorary Whip: Paddy Neilson
  • Road Whip: Michael Beeson
  • Barn Manager: Remy Winants
  • CHC Secretary: Ellie Glaccum