Cheshire Hunt Conservancy

Mother Nature gave us a balmy day for this year's Hunter Trials at Mr. Stewart's Cheshire Foxhounds. Due to the soggy ground, the course was moved from its usual location to higher in the field. Thank you to everyone who helped us get ready and for making the adjustment to the ring at Mr. Cuyler Walker's Plantation Field. Thank you to Huntsman Ivan Dowling for performing Fieldmaster duties.

The results were:

IMG 0482web

Low Pairs

1. Elizabeth Sinclair on Prince Caspian and Mary Musheno on Krugerand

2. Jessica McCabe on Vinnie and Audrey Buchanan on Dove

3. Jessica McCabe on Jawbone and Maggie Buchanan on Blast Off

4. Lisa Thomas on Rhythm and Brooke Wren on All the While

5. Charlotte Reagoso on Stash and Chris Reagoso on Rio

6. Fiona Fox on John Spence and Rob Law-Eadie on Betsy Spence

 IMG 0370web

Low Regular Hunter

1. Audrey Buchanan on Dove

2. Maggie Buchanan on Blast Off

3. Elizabeth Sinclair on Prince Caspian

4. Lisa Thomas on Rhythm

5. Mary Musheno on Krugerand

6. Jessica McCabe on Vinnie

IMG 0518web    IMG 0404web

Low Handy Hunter

1. Mary Musheno on Kugerand

2. Betsy Breen on Chesterland's Jubilation

3. Maggie Buchanan on Blast Off

4. Audrey Buchanan on Dove

5. Elizabeth Sinclair on Prince Caspian

6. Jessica McCabe on Jawbone

champs     IMG 0754web

Low Hunt Team

1. Jessica McCabe, Maggie Buchanan, and Audrey Buchanan

2. Mary Musheno, Elizabeth Sinclair, and Skylar McKenna

3. Mary Musheno, Charlotte Reagoso, and Chris Reagoso

4. Natalie Hendriks, Sanna Neilson, MFH and Skylar McKenna

Low Field Masters 

1. Mary Musheno on Krugerand (Fynn)


High Pairs

1. Kay Stewart on Gummie Bear and Erica Robinson on Dynashine

2. Tanya Emslie on Hero and Skylar McKenna on Sovereign Fund

High Regular Hunter

1. Erica Robinson on Dynashine

2. Skylar McKenna on Sovereign Fund

3. Kay Stewart on Gummie Bear

4. Tanya Emslie on Hero

 IMG 1010web

High Fieldmasters

Skylar McKenna on Sovereign Fund

Erica Robinson           Dynashine

High Champion Erica Robinson on Dynashine

Reserve Kay Stewart on Gummie Bear


Contact Information

Cheshire Hunt Conservancy
Post Office Box 528
Unionville PA 19375-0528

Secretary: 610-347-1918
Hunt Information Line: 610-347-1918


CHC Board of Directors

  • Master: Anne K. Moran, MFH
  • Master: Sanna Pell Neilson, MFH
  • Master: Louis Neilson, III, MFH
  • Master: W.B. Dixon Stroud, Jr., MFH
  • Chmn Emeritus: John B. Hannum, Jr., Esquire
  •  President: Prue D. Osborn
  • Treasurer: Douglas Howe
  • Jennifer Jones Arms
  • Richard Buchanan
  • Ann Dyer
  • Judy Jefferis
  • Annie Jones
  • Boyd Martin
  • Cassie Plumb
  • Missy Shaffer

CHC Staff

  • Huntsman: Ivan Dowling
  • First Whip: Mary Taylor Miller
  • Groom/grounds: Michael Beeson
  • Barn Manager: Remy Winants
  • CHC Secretary: Ellie Glaccum

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