Frequently Asked Questions

How many fields do we have and who are the Field Masters?

Answers to Frequently Asked or Perhaps Infrequently Asked But Interesting Questions.

How many fields do we have and who are the Field Masters?

We usually have 3 fields.

  • Sanna Neilson, and Anne Moran take the first field.
  • Cindy Buchanan takes the second field.
  • Judy Jefferies and Kirstie Grabosky lead the hill-toppers field.
  • Cindy Buchanan floats between all fields where needed.

We ask all riders to stay with the field-master of the field they have chosen to ride with for that day. Permission to leave a chosen field (whether to change fields or to call it a day) should be requested from the named field-master prior to leaving the field.

These rules are intended to provide the best sport for all Subscribers of our hunt, and to support the hard work that hounds and staff engage in to provide us that sport.

What happens if I break a fence while hunting?

  • If a post or rail is broken during hunting, the rider responsible for breaking it must stop and make every effort to fix it  - even temporarily, especially if livestock are turned out in the area.
  • The rider then must find Michael Beeson, who kindly follows the hunt with materials for fixing broken fences, and notify him of the exact location of the break.
  • Additionally, if a notification to the landowner is required, the rider must personally contact the landowner and explain the both the breakage and the repairs made to the landowner's satisfaction.

Can I invite a non-member to hunt with Cheshire?

If a member wishes to invite a non-member for a day of hunting with Cheshire, permission is required from one of the masters and communicated to hunt secretary. Any individual non-member is limited to a total of 5 days of "Capping", and must sign a waiver and pay the Cap Fee ($200) before mounting at the meet.

How many hounds does Cheshire have?

We currently have 68 entered hounds, with 82 in total in our kennels.  All our entered hounds are bitches;  12 purebred English, 12 purebred Penn-Marydels, and 44 Cheshire Crossbreds.

Our Cheshire Crossbreds, mostly half English and half Penn-Marydel (although Ivan is experimenting a little with one 2010 entered whelp of 1/4 English and 3/4 Penn-Marydel) represent the best of both lines..  they have the voice and the nose of the Penn-Marydels along with the speed and endurance of the English.

Like any good team, the mixture of purebreds and crossbreds in our pack tends to provide us with the best sport as each brings different talents to the field and thus different types of performance under the varying  circumstances we enjoy while hunting our country.

How many staff horses do we have?

We currently have 13 staff horses, 12 thoroughbreds and 1 who thinks he is a thoroughbred.

The staff horses are mostly ex-racehorses from both steeplechasing and flat racing, or from an eventing background. We look for:

  1. Soundness - will need to withstand hard work in all ground conditions.
  2. Jumping ability - will need to jump extremely well to keep up with hounds.
  3. Mental attitude - the transition from racing or eventing can be difficult.

We work hard to make our horses up to be good staff horses, and they contribute a great deal to the success of our hunt.

Contact Information

Cheshire Hunt Conservancy
Post Office Box 528
Unionville PA 19375-0528

Secretary: 610-347-1918
Hunt Information Line: 610-347-1918


CHC Board of Directors

  • Master: Sanna Pell Neilson, MFH
  • Master: Louis Neilson, III, MFH
  • Master: W.B. Dixon Stroud, Jr., MFH
  • Chmn Emeritus: John B. Hannum, Jr., Esquire
  • ┬áPresident: Prue D. Osborn
  • Treasurer:┬áDouglas Howe
  • Jennifer Jones Arms
  • Richard Buchanan
  • Ann Dyer
  • Judy Jefferis
  • Annie Jones
  • Boyd Martin
  • Cassie Plumb
  • Missy Shaffer

CHC Staff

  • Huntsman: Ivan Dowling
  • First Whip: Mary Taylor Miller
  • Groom/grounds: Michael Beeson
  • Barn Manager: Remy Winants
  • CHC Secretary: Ellie Glaccum