Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have 15 staff horses, 14 thoroughbreds and 1 who thinks he is a thoroughbred.

The staff horses are mostly ex-racehorses from both steeplechasing and flat racing, or from an eventing background. We look for:

  1. Soundness - will need to withstand hard work in all ground conditions.
  2. Jumping ability - will need to jump extremely well to keep up with hounds.
  3. Mental attitude - the transition from racing or eventing can be difficult.

We work hard to make our horses up to be good staff horses, and they contribute a great deal to the success of our hunt. They are often quite young.

Contact Information

Cheshire Hunt Conservancy
Post Office Box 528
Unionville PA 19375-0528

Secretary: 610-347-1918
Hunt Information Line: 610-347-1918

CHC Board of Directors

  • Phoebe D. Fisher, MD, MFH
  • Sanna Pell Neilson, MFH
  • W.B. Dixon Stroud, Jr., MFH
  • Chairman Emeritus:
    John B. Hannum, Jr., Esquire
  • President: Prue D. Osborn
  • Treasurer: Missy Shaffer
  • Jennifer Jones Arms
  • Richard Buchanan
  • Michael Bucklin
  • Ann Dyer
  • Judy Jefferis
  • Ann LaPides
  • Boyd Martin
  • Wendy Powell
  • Sally Reed

CHC Staff

  • Huntsman: Ivan Dowling
  • First Whip: Mackenzie Wertman
  • Honorary Whip: Celia Goodall
  • Groom/grounds: Michael Beeson
  • Hunter Barn Manager: Remy Winants
  • CHC Secretary: Kelley Ford